BatAAR is Amazing! song review Always Die Young

So yes i know im aware that ive already done a review on BatAAr before but they really deserve this. they have made AMAZING music this year. im so proud of all their accomplishments. This is for you Patrik, Endigo,Simon and Tobias. I love you all you guys rock (hoping that they find this someday)

So on to Always die young. This song is practically my theme song. i am obsessed with every second. every guitar riff every note endigo sing every slam of tobias’s drum .

Is it normal to be this obsessed with a song…? Maybe not but who cares yolo (cringey right?)

Watch The Video:


Yes! Just Yes thats it this video and song is just so amazing

i think the best part is that the put so much work into patrik wrote the lyric and the music simon edits the video after its shot and their friend Petri (whom ill  talk about later) does their hair. Its no wonder eveything is so perfect

The effects in this video are mad good thus making this video Kickass

I could talk about this song all day but id think youd want to hit me so lets get started

Always die young song and video review:

The lyrics:

All this time I’ve waited
All this time I’ve lost
I know I’ll die young
Our sun sets for another day

Your misery loves company
So stay right there
Far away from me
Your blood is as thin as your facade
The future begs for answers I don’t have


Though there is a will
There’s just no way
Bare your satin neck

What little we have left
Won’t keep me from walking away
I’ve heard it all before
This hollow truth
What is the meaning of a life without answers?

Through all this time I’ve waited
All this time I’ve lost
I know I’ll die young
Our sun sets for another day

This is not your story
So stay right there, far away from me

What little we have left
Won’t keep me from walking away
I’ve heard it all before
These hollow answers

Through all this time I’ve waited
All this time I’ve lost
I know I’ll die young
Our sun sets for another day

Think back on time we wasted
And all the time we lost
For all it’s worth we know
We’re gonna die young
Our sun sets for another day

The velvet sun sets another day

My thoughts: Dude these lyrics flow so well  cant even wrap my head around it . the lyrics just speak to you they’re powerful and just elaborate (thank you patrik for creating such poetic lyrics)

The music: the one word i would use to describe this music is Melodic even though it hardcore it still, you still could sway to it especially the chorus  . altogether this music is just fantastic i love it

The Blood: This video is so gory . I Love It !!! when patrik licks his hands ❤ lol xD its great there is not much more to say . All of them look like death i love it. Their acting was pretty damn good as well


So im keeping this short ( in hopes that you dont tear your hair out) Please fully support BatAAr if you like this song buy it for a dollar on itunes or google play !!

Stay kei ( or in terms of BatAAr Stay Vicious)



Yohio -Sky Limit

So as you may have read from me about me section of my blog. Yohio  is one of my Favorite singers. Probably my favorite actually .

I have been a devoted heart breaker ( name for fans of yohio) for years now. I know all of his songs. Swedish, Japanese ,and English. I love his new band Disreign . I do not have a favorite Yohio song (all of them are perfect). The one I’m  talking about Sky limit. You can watch the video below.

So to make this even better I re-watched this video 3 more time .OMG its still just as great !!!

I love the whole cute/hardcore thing there were times when he screamed and it was cute the guitar riffs got harder than softer. I  love the two styles boyish than girly  I love them both. The theme Be yourself was practically Screamed throughout this video. I remember watching an interview  with yohio . He talked about how growing up was hard for him because he didn’t look masculine.  I think this video was a representation of him accepting that. I think this was him saying he is perfect the way he is. I agree YOHIO is perfect the way he is. So is this video.

Things I love about Sky limit (other than everything):

I love the  the colors:  My favorites being the bright blue and bright pink  background when he was dolled up . I like the color of the pictures frames  depicting boy yohio and girl Yohio. I love the different colors of the objects in the white based room I also like the void of color when he was dressed like a guy .

I love the switch: what I mean by that is  when the music changes from hard to soft Yohio also changes , i find that really cute . My favorite part is when he is playing the guitar riff and it switches between both Yohio’s. His screams are great.

The way the lyrics flow: the lyrics are simple and catchy.The English translation is great as well but I prefer reading the lyrics in Japanese.

The music: I love the way the music is soft and cute in the beginning and then it gets harder as the guitar kicks in and it does that throughout the song. It also ties back in with the  whole Be yourself theme


ps: Did anyone else see buta sama on the shelf? Kawaii desu ne ?! !!!

Stay kei

The wolf

BatAAr will break through !!!

Im  jumping right into this one. If you dont know who BatAAr is, their most recent music video is below .Watch it first than read the rest of  this blog.



So what did you think ? isnt this perfect for a fighting game like TEKKEN ? i think the song  is  the perfect combo of catchy and  hardcore. The video is visually stunning! Endigo, Patrik,Simon,and Tobias have slayed again with another kick-ass video.

It is no wonder they were one of the only bands EVER to be featured in TEKKEN 7 the  highly anticipated Fighting  game.

BatAAr is  great band and in my opinion it is even BETTER now that Endigo has joined as the lead singer .I have been shocked by how much thought and detail they’ve put into their music .

It makes me really sad that they are so underrated they should have so much more fame in my opinion.

Which bring me to another topic, Is it okay to call a band that is not from Japan a visual kei band? I have heard a lot of different opinions on this. I believe that any band can call themselves visual kei since visual kei is a style . I believe that you should treat  all bands with respect because its hard out there, believe me.

So, yes I consider BatAAr a visual kei band because they consider themselves a visual kei  band, and the also have visual kei style.

I want you all to check out BatAAr. Give them the attention they deserve .Subscribe to their channel, like their videos, become a fan .

Stay Kei

The wolf