Remembering Isshi of kagrra(Á•ěś®ā) with poetry by me.

The frozen pond

A beautiful and fragrant pond has frozen over in its most beautiful state

All of the life all of the sacredness still remains sealed within

Pink sakura petals decorate the frozen water

Koi fish are stuck swimming in calm circles

I cant help but feel sad, yet i smile as i walk past

remembering dipping my feet into its coolness.

Its beauty still lives on , like a jewel placed on display in a busy museum.

I will never forget the fragrance.

I shall always remember the way my heart would sing upon visiting this pond.

The way i was reborn with the scent of the lotus.

This pond though frozen in time has a sacred place within my heart.


this poem was written for a very special person. A person whom ive never met yet who has changed my life with beautiful music and lyrics to calm my heart. This poem was written for kagrra’s Isshi and just kagrra in general, for once again sparking in me almost eight years ago a new interest¬†that has followed me into my adulthood. The day Isshi passed into memory is coming soon and he and kagrra has been in my mind and in my heart a lot more than usual as of lately. i wanted to create something¬†to represent the gratefulness¬†i feel inside due to kagrra’s¬†music. and i found it impossible for me to draw isshi as ¬†i got way to emotional. Sometimes words are the only thing yo have so i wrote this poem The¬†Frozen ¬†Pond to the kagrra song Rin which¬†means frozen.

Rest in peace my beautiful pond frozen in time Isshi December 7 1978- July 18 2011

you are forever frozen in the hearts of you fans we will never forget you ‚̧

Listen to my favorite Kagrra songs.
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i dont own the pictures used or the videos provided. The poem however is mine .
This is such a great photo of Isshi i had to share it ‚̧

Our eyes love Hide Matsumoto

Hello again im back with another review of sorts this time about the Fallen and cherished Hideto Matsumoto ( know as Hide) . Everyone who is a fan of visual kei should know of  Hide’s existence ,he was a truly amazing person and will be forever missed by millions young and old.

Now on to the song review, i will be reviewing the song :Eyes love you

 as you might have guessed from the title it is my favorite song by him

I’ve know this song for a while now and I absolutely ADORE it . I can still clearly remember the first time i went on YouTube to watch the video of the live performance. I had never heard the song. I had never  heard of Hide .

The first thing i seen was bright pink hair and that was and automatic yes for me and I have loved the song ever since.

it wasn’t until months later that i found out he  had passed (dont ask how i didn’t know i practically live under a rock, and i usually dont  put too much thought into celebrities lives) To be honest i didn’t feel the full affect because i wasn’t even born when it happened.  I was sad I was touched by his music and it did hurt and i think that’s what matters. That even young new listeners morn the loss of someone so great.

Things i love about Eyes love you – Hide

The music: the song starts off so fun and lively  with a cute guitar riff and than hide heightens it with his amazing voice

The lyrics: once again both the original Japanese lyric and the translated English lyrics are perfect

“I don’t need a soul
I don’t want to feel anything with living hands My love”- Hide eyes love you translated lryics

These lyrics are just perfect and this is my favorite part of the song its just so cute i love it!!

The overall feel:when i listen to this song i feel like the cool kid in the classroom i am the cool kid in the classroom .I feel like im so free and myself when I listen to this song . It has the right amount of chill  and the perfect amount of  individuality.

PS: if you don’t know HIDE please search up all of his songs I personally  recommend “eyes love you, lemon-ed I screamed, pink spider ,and tell me .

R.I.P Hide Matsumoto may your brilliance live on forever.