Hotarubi no mori e *spoiler alert*

To be honest this is a movie you can watch even if you know the ending The movie is so good ¬†it wouldn’t ruin it . So I wont say don’t read this. In fact this might help not shatter your heart so much like this movie did the first time i watched it.

So Hotarubi No Mori E ( Into the forest of fireflies light) is about a little girl named Hotaru on ¬†her way to her uncles house she gets lost in the woods and becomes tired from searching for a way out.Just when she thinks all hope is lost he appears a man in a mask ¬†.He leads her out of the forest after telling her she can not touch him because he’ll disappear. The two spend every summer from that one on together and become best friends .But they begin to have more serious feeling for each other.

How can love between a human and a spirit survive?

Gin takes off his mask after Hotaru ask him to show his face more

This movie is amazing. Ive watched it more than eight times . Literally every time i watch i find myself sobbing.face literally pressed to the screen rewinding it and watching it all over again just so i can fangirl and cry some more. Im such a girl right ?

Things i love about this movie:

The innocence : That sounds dumb i know but really through out the movie all i can think about is both of their intentions all both of them want is to be around each to hug to hold hands. i find that so simple yet so cute ‚̧ ‚̧ .So touching!!

The evolution of hotaru: I loved watching Hotaru grow up watching as her feeling turn from childish wonder to a more mature romantic feeling .

Seeing how Hotaru and Gin Affect each other: Gin starts off mysterious never even taking off his mask but as their relationship develops gin becomes more open  he becomes happy. In the begining hotaru is lost and afraid of the forest but as her and gin spend time together there she realizes that the forest is full of beautiful things her favorite being gin

The music: The music always puts you in the feels but none like KanaKana Shigure composed and played by Makoto Yoshimori. This peice is like watching the entire movie but shortened to three minutes of cry your heart out piano and violin .

Ahh this piece… Thank you so much Makoto Yoshimori for writing beautiful music. My ears are grateful ‚̧

The thing about this anime is you know its not going to work out in the end .Some way some how you know these two will leave each other. You just dont expect it to be so suddenly. All Gin wanted was to hold Hotaru .All Hotaru wanted was to be held by Gin.Neither of them wanted to be apart,but they both knew that one day time would seperate them anyways .While Hotaru grew and matured Gin was exactly the same as the day they met.They were not of the same worlds and couldnt even touch each other.We all wanted some miracle granted though we didnt want this to end that way.However it was the right ending a melancholy one sad happy . God !!!! why does this movie make me so sad?

I loved how all of the spirit of the forest all warn gin to be careful yet were one hundred percent supportive of him wanting to hug Hotaru. In the end when they hug and he disappears they thank her as she sobs .They are happy that gin was happy

Here are some quotes from this movie

“It’s okay if you forget about me. A body that’s maintained by magic is very weak. If it touches a real human body, the spell will break and the body will disappear. It’s a fragile thing. How long can you-“-Gin

“Gin, I thought of you during winter. Even during autumn and spring. Gin, don’t forget about me.”-Hotaru
“Time might separate us some day. But, even still, until then, let’s stay together”-Hotaru

You see i think the reason why i felt this anime so much is that Gin didnt care anymore. He wanted to be with Hotaru forever but knew that it wasnt possible.So the next best thing would be to hug her he didnt care at what cost.When hotaru made the joke about glomping(a jump hug) him and he said do it i knew then that he was going to leave her. She knew it as well but her dream came true and so did his.


“That mask,Have it” Gin says to Hotaru on their Date



“Come here Hotaru ,i can finally hug you” Gin says to Hotaru







After gin “dies” hotaru is left with nothing but his mask as she clutches it to her chest his soul flies around her in the form of fireflies

“I probably won’t be able to look forward to summer for a long time. My chest will hurt. My tears will be overflowing. But this warmth in my hands and these summer memories will live on in my heart.” -Hotaru

“Hotaru. Thank you. We wanted to be with Gin forever, but… Gin wanted to touch a human. He finally got to be hugged by a human.” -youkai

so yeah that was my blog on hotarubi no mori e i hope you enjoyed and didnt cry as much as i did.

Stay kei/Otaku

Wolf ‚̧

Ps: Thank you Yuki Midorikawa for writing an drawing such an amazing Manga ‚̧

I picture them still walking side by side

LM.c Punky heart !!!!! <3 <3

HEY!!!! so if you havent herd of this song or watched the video you lucky becaue i found the best quality version i could PLEASE WATCH!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this song is so cute *fangirls and dies*

oooooooooh im a gohst and i also love this song lol

But yeah all jokes aside i LOVE THIS SONG i cried the first time i heard it . i know that sounds very emo but whatever its true im not afraid to admt that im a wuss

Why is this video so damn cute should this be allowed damn you and your cuteness Maya ‚̧ maya ‚̧


just too damn cute i dont even think ill be able to talk about this song. i cant say more just listen and yeah *fangirls as ghost*

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ps: Maya’s blowing you kisses ^-^

Top ten Anime with detail and No spoilers ^-^

NUMBER  TEN : The devil is a part -timer 


Yes this is the devil, looks scary doesn’t he? Think again, this demon spends his time flipping patties at a fast food restaurant!!

This is one of my favorite plots.Lord Satan and his general Alsiel get trapped on earth and now must make a living . Who want Satan to cook their burger for them?!! XD I wouldn’t mind ^-^ . ¬†But than of course Emilia the hero is also trapped on earth and is determined to put an end to Satan and all of his past trouble. There is just one problem Mao isn’t the least bit interested in destroying the world . So than, what does he want ?



I Really like this one because it reminds me of this friend i had who had the same name as me . I love this story so much Its about two girls who meet on a train share the same name  are both going to tokyo and both for the same reason. Later on they even end up sharing the same Apartment .



NUMBER EIGHT: Noragami (stray god)



YES YES YES YES YESH! If you have started reading or watching this series you Need to it is amazing just the perfect mixture of comedy action romance and scifi.

Yato the stray god and form or god of calamity has no money no shrine and no recognition he sets off on a journey to become a big god. In the process he meet Hiyori a girl who slips out her soul  than he meet Yukine who becomes his weapon the three of them set out for a perilous adventure.



NUMBER SEVEN: Kamisama Kiss

OMG this one is so KAWAII !!! this is definitely one worth watching !!!



Nanami is abandoned after her unfit father gambles away all their money and is now the caretaker of an abandoned shrine with a fox yokai named tome who completely hates her.



K actually has one of my favorite characters Mikoto suoh if any of you know me you have heard me mention his name i drew him for a school project ‚̧ mikoto ¬†suoh ‚̧



so this show has some major plot twist its about a teenage boy Yashiro isana who one day suddenly  has a target on his back hes accused of being a murderer  its very good watch it. Also Mikoto suoh is bad-ass in this im totally red clan



Number  FIVE : Ouran high school host club

this anime is just Yes! i love it .ouran.gif this gif summarizes the entire show without any words at all.

It start off with Haruhi Fujioka the scholarship student on the way to music class. In the music class Haruhi finds strange boys dressed in fancy suits. Haruhi breaks a priceless vase and than has to join the high school host club the host club is in for a big shock  Haruhi is in fact a girl .

This show is just to funny and even more cute give it a try!!



NUMBER FOUR: Your lie in april

This is really just an amazing anime/manga. It’s splendid! One of the best ive watched and read. In fact i’ve already done a review on this one, so I wont say much.




NUMBER THREE : Attack on titan

The suspense in this anime is rare.  Ive never been more freaked out and more petrified while watching an anime before it starts out hardcore it ends hardcore .GODDAMMIT WHERE ARE YOU SEASON 2 !!!!!!

So this anime is about the future world were giant(called titans) feast on humans for fun. Humans seek shelter within huge wall but is that enough to protect them form the outside world.attack.gif

I love this gif !!!attack1.gif


NUMBER TWO: Black Butler

So im a Huge !!! Black butler fan i love every episode ive read the manga and watched the shows i have the plush dolls i have the jewelry and i have a Poster so yeah im a big fan of black butler wanna know why look below.black1.gifblack3.gifblack4.gifgrell.gifgrell1.gif

sp is this enough to get you to watch this show? i hope so cause im not saying anything else WATCH IT !!!! (you know you want to)


This is my alltime favorite anime/manga/liveaction film

I love everything about deathnote the characters the plot the music the animation quality everything is perfect

PLOT: After a notebook that kills people whose names are written in it fall into Light Yagami’s hands he vows to become a god ¬†by using the deathnote to rid ¬†the world of evil will his intentions remain pure or will the power contaminate him?

OOOOOOOOH chilliing *said in Grell Sutcliff voice* i love this one so much !!!!!!! and now my favorite time . Picture time!!!!



So i hoped this helped you find some cool new anime to watch please give these all a try

Stay Kei



Anime /Manga review : Your lie in April *no spoilers*

I finished this wonderful anime Months ago. words can not express my feeling so ill use a song from the soundtrack  Yuujin a-kun


It seems as though music can speak louder than words. I have never before felt this much emotion ¬†during and after the show ….Well here goes all the things i like about Your lie in April (Shigatsu wa kimi no uso)

The amazing details and scenery: All throughout this show the scenery and detail are so vivid and bright that your heart seem to  become the various  shades of pink from the drifting sakura that falls when kousei plays piano. I love the shade of color the starry night skies and the dull glow from the fireflies the chocolate colored desserts its all so stuning

The characters: I actually cannot pick a favorite character among these beautiful thought out and drawn characters. i have t say that i feel as though i am a bit like every character is in this show and manga. You can relate to them in that way.It almost feels like you know them, you do know them.

The dialect: The character in this show and manga speak so beautifully your heart cannot help but flutter with their emotions. the images that you can see just from a few said words s very interesting. Each and every character has his/her own unique style of speech

The plot: A child prodigy who gave up on piano is finding hope  in strange places. I have to say this is a very good tear-jerking anime. Just watching someone struggle for hope is enough to shatter my heart.

The music: This is probably going to sound “cliche” but the music is so ¬†emotional. its composed and performed at an extraordinary level. Every song played in this show is spectacular.

Afterword: I recommend this show to everyone. Go ahead watch it  and tell me in the comments if you like/liked this show /manga.

Stay kei



Manga you should read *no spoilers*

Hey people are always asking me for anime and manga recommendations its weird its like they can look at me and tell im ¬†an otaku or something Dx. So instead of being offended ill do the next best thing ¬†ill recommend some great Manga’s ive read. With no spoilers

My number one favorite manga of all is Psyren:


Pysren ( by Toshiaki  iwashiro) is a manga about a different world called psyren (pronounced siren) in which the characters play a demented game of survival i have read all sixteen volume and DEFINITELY recommend this one.

Toward the terra:

to terra.jpg

If you love scifi you should DEFINITELY read this manga and watch the anime and anime movie this was is an amazing piece of art by Keiko  Takemiya published from 1977 to 1980 . To terra is about human life after SD the superior domination, after the destruction of their planet the humans float around in space raising children to be perfect candidates for the rebirth of the new world but a new species with special abilities is found among them can the two opposing species learn to co-exist

Karneval: karneval.jpg

This manga is AWESOME one of my favorite characters is in this manga. Touya Mikanagi is te author of this wonderful manga, about a lost boy form the forest who roams out into the city to find his missing friend .Thats all ill tell you,youll have to read the rest.

The record of a fallen vampire:record.jpg

vampire king akabara is in search for his lost queen adelheid but the damphires(half human half vampire) will stop at nothing to detour him, not to mention the black swan who show up every fifty years with vengeance on her mind.

this one is amazing there are so many plot twist and its just really good . If you come across this manga READ it .

Ai ore:ai ore.jpg

guy who looks like a girl falls in love with  girl who looks like a  guy need i say more anyone who like visual kei will love this manga go ahead give it a try

Two flowers for the dragon:two-flowers-for-the-dragon-graphic-novel-1.jpg

Lady Shakuya is thrilled to be engaged to Quan ¬†whom she has strong feeling for , but when her ¬†ex fiance ¬†Lucien who had been missing for five years returns he want to earn her love as well . Now Lucien and Quan must compete to win Shakuya’s heart by growing the two magical flower tattoos on her arms.


This is a one volume manga  about the curse of Yamata no Orochi the wrathful dragon.  Every fifty year a girl is cursed as the sacrifice this is her story.this one is very good !!!!


So i hoped i helped you guys in some way i love manga

Stay kei

The wolf

Ajin First season review *spoiler Alert* seriously i mean dont read if you haven’t read

Hey guys so today i finished the first season of the anime Ajin so i figured hey why not do a blog on it ???!!!

OMG ¬†this show …this show i never heard of ajin until a few months ago and now im hooked it is written and drawn (by Gamon Sakurai) so beautifully that its hard to hate even the bad characters like ,Sato ¬†the ajin for example.

This show has an animation quality like no other anime i ever seen .at first i was unsure of my views on it, but during the second episode i already knew that I loved it  the animators of this series deserve awards.

Things i liked about Ajin the series:

Sato: now I know its not really normal to like the bad character but im sorry this guy is just way too cool. Im serious like he can kill a ton of people and find a way to make you laugh it off with crazy sayings like “that was a blast” (he literally says this after blowing up a building) and “Whew im beat”. Like your the bad guy im supposed to hate you . Stop being so damn funny.

The plot : so im sure you’re reading this because you’ve either read the Ajin manga ¬†or watched the show, and you ca most likely agree that the plot is out of this world . I mean really the whole idea of dying and coming back to life and having to save yourself from crazy mad scientists, than of course there that one guy who wants to start an ajin revolution. its crazy. its splendid. I love it. Also for like the first few episodes you dont even know who the bad guy is. Your just left wondering and its awesome. Then when you do find out who the bad guy is its hard to dislike him .

The music: Man the music used for this show is amazing during those really intense scenes the music get intense as well but its not overwhelming ( meaning there’s not more music than content) just the right amount of dramatic violin music keeping you on the edge of your seat. The opening theme can you sleep at night by ¬†Flumpool is pretty cool as well .

The episode titles: I love how the episode titles are always something a person in the show says. my favorite happening to be “Whew im beat”, because Sato. You have gotta love Sato . I also love the episode im going to kill you to once again because Sato just kills it in this episode.

The voice acting: need i say more the voices are perfect like i mean it they are flawless.

lastly if you have not watched this show which is terrible because this Review has spoiler displayed in asterisks in the title.  Just go watch this show . Watch it and tell me what you think .

stay kei

The wolf