Reasons i dont post often.. (the hard core truth)

So I decided I should share the reasons why I don’t post often . I’ve been asked a few times about this and I want to be totally honest with my few (but cherished) followers.

Honestly this is one of my many hobbies. These hobbies range from writing poetry,to reading poetry,watching anime,reading manga,drawing manga,drawing random things from my mind,writing fantasy stories (witches warlocks all that shiz). Not to mention painting,singing,studying japanese ,spanish,german,korean,and thai.

Basically I have a busy life when it comes to hobbies.wich means that sometimes other hobbies  such as blogging get pushed aside for a length of time.

That is one of the main reason i dont post often.

The second reason being lack if content or lack of  inspiration for content. I do this as a hobby. It is to be something that i love. Usually i post only when something has captured my attention,or inspired me in some way (hence the details and work put into ny posts). But I go through peirods of this kinda numb I would say feeling.

During these periods I can not get inspired nothing really grasps my attention. I feel slightly emotionless. This actually happens a lot to me and i struggle during these days to write about things i like or love cause at these moments i dont like anything.

However ,now that I’m completely done with school i have a slight amount of time on my hands that can be used gor blogging. At least when I feel good about my content. I’m not quitting. I never will, so stay tuned for more awesome content.



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