Reasons to watch Snow lotus kdrama

I finished this two episode drama today and felt compelled to write it. 

Snow lotus is a Korean two episode drama released in 2015 . Each episode is an hour long. 

It has an alternate title called lucid dream. 

The story takes place in modern Korea. It follow a man and a woman both who have dreams about the past life when they were in love with each other. The man dreams about the night the two meet. The woman dreams of the day they separate. Both of them long desperately to find each other in the world they live in now. 

There are so many things to live about this drama. It leave you holding your breath. It threatens to shatter your heart it makes you laugh. 

The main thing I love about this drama is the way Lee so hyun/ yeong San baek feels about Han yeon hee/ chook yeong dae even when he thinks he’s a man like it never cruise his mind at all he just falls in love. 

Another thing I love is the fight scenes. Yes you heard me right. The fight scenes in this drama are flawless and beautiful. It’s beautifully choreographed. 

Lastly I love the soundtrack. My good this sound track is so amazing. I have no weird for how well these sings guy in with the story so well. The first one being white smoke by Lee ye Joon. The second being how are you doing by grizzly

Both links will be located at the bottom. 

 My favorite Snow lotus  quote:

“If there was a flower that bloomed every thousand years would it have given off this scent?”- lee so hyun/yeong san baek

White smoke – Lee ye Joon :

How are you doing- grizzly:

Alright guys

Remember to find forever πŸ’žπŸ’–πŸ’™



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