Anime /Manga review : Your lie in April *no spoilers*

I finished this wonderful anime Months ago. words can not express my feeling so ill use a song from the soundtrack  Yuujin a-kun


It seems as though music can speak louder than words. I have never before felt this much emotion  during and after the show ….Well here goes all the things i like about Your lie in April (Shigatsu wa kimi no uso)

The amazing details and scenery: All throughout this show the scenery and detail are so vivid and bright that your heart seem to  become the various  shades of pink from the drifting sakura that falls when kousei plays piano. I love the shade of color the starry night skies and the dull glow from the fireflies the chocolate colored desserts its all so stuning

The characters: I actually cannot pick a favorite character among these beautiful thought out and drawn characters. i have t say that i feel as though i am a bit like every character is in this show and manga. You can relate to them in that way.It almost feels like you know them, you do know them.

The dialect: The character in this show and manga speak so beautifully your heart cannot help but flutter with their emotions. the images that you can see just from a few said words s very interesting. Each and every character has his/her own unique style of speech

The plot: A child prodigy who gave up on piano is finding hope  in strange places. I have to say this is a very good tear-jerking anime. Just watching someone struggle for hope is enough to shatter my heart.

The music: This is probably going to sound “cliche” but the music is so  emotional. its composed and performed at an extraordinary level. Every song played in this show is spectacular.

Afterword: I recommend this show to everyone. Go ahead watch it  and tell me in the comments if you like/liked this show /manga.

Stay kei




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