Manga you should read *no spoilers*

Hey people are always asking me for anime and manga recommendations its weird its like they can look at me and tell im  an otaku or something Dx. So instead of being offended ill do the next best thing  ill recommend some great Manga’s ive read. With no spoilers

My number one favorite manga of all is Psyren:


Pysren ( by Toshiaki  iwashiro) is a manga about a different world called psyren (pronounced siren) in which the characters play a demented game of survival i have read all sixteen volume and DEFINITELY recommend this one.

Toward the terra:

to terra.jpg

If you love scifi you should DEFINITELY read this manga and watch the anime and anime movie this was is an amazing piece of art by Keiko  Takemiya published from 1977 to 1980 . To terra is about human life after SD the superior domination, after the destruction of their planet the humans float around in space raising children to be perfect candidates for the rebirth of the new world but a new species with special abilities is found among them can the two opposing species learn to co-exist

Karneval: karneval.jpg

This manga is AWESOME one of my favorite characters is in this manga. Touya Mikanagi is te author of this wonderful manga, about a lost boy form the forest who roams out into the city to find his missing friend .Thats all ill tell you,youll have to read the rest.

The record of a fallen vampire:record.jpg

vampire king akabara is in search for his lost queen adelheid but the damphires(half human half vampire) will stop at nothing to detour him, not to mention the black swan who show up every fifty years with vengeance on her mind.

this one is amazing there are so many plot twist and its just really good . If you come across this manga READ it .

Ai ore:ai ore.jpg

guy who looks like a girl falls in love with  girl who looks like a  guy need i say more anyone who like visual kei will love this manga go ahead give it a try

Two flowers for the dragon:two-flowers-for-the-dragon-graphic-novel-1.jpg

Lady Shakuya is thrilled to be engaged to Quan  whom she has strong feeling for , but when her  ex fiance  Lucien who had been missing for five years returns he want to earn her love as well . Now Lucien and Quan must compete to win Shakuya’s heart by growing the two magical flower tattoos on her arms.


This is a one volume manga  about the curse of Yamata no Orochi the wrathful dragon.  Every fifty year a girl is cursed as the sacrifice this is her story.this one is very good !!!!


So i hoped i helped you guys in some way i love manga

Stay kei

The wolf


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