Ajin First season review *spoiler Alert* seriously i mean dont read if you haven’t read

Hey guys so today i finished the first season of the anime Ajin so i figured hey why not do a blog on it ???!!!

OMG  this show …this show i never heard of ajin until a few months ago and now im hooked it is written and drawn (by Gamon Sakurai) so beautifully that its hard to hate even the bad characters like ,Sato  the ajin for example.

This show has an animation quality like no other anime i ever seen .at first i was unsure of my views on it, but during the second episode i already knew that I loved it  the animators of this series deserve awards.

Things i liked about Ajin the series:

Sato: now I know its not really normal to like the bad character but im sorry this guy is just way too cool. Im serious like he can kill a ton of people and find a way to make you laugh it off with crazy sayings like “that was a blast” (he literally says this after blowing up a building) and “Whew im beat”. Like your the bad guy im supposed to hate you . Stop being so damn funny.

The plot : so im sure you’re reading this because you’ve either read the Ajin manga  or watched the show, and you ca most likely agree that the plot is out of this world . I mean really the whole idea of dying and coming back to life and having to save yourself from crazy mad scientists, than of course there that one guy who wants to start an ajin revolution. its crazy. its splendid. I love it. Also for like the first few episodes you dont even know who the bad guy is. Your just left wondering and its awesome. Then when you do find out who the bad guy is its hard to dislike him .

The music: Man the music used for this show is amazing during those really intense scenes the music get intense as well but its not overwhelming ( meaning there’s not more music than content) just the right amount of dramatic violin music keeping you on the edge of your seat. The opening theme can you sleep at night by  Flumpool is pretty cool as well .

The episode titles: I love how the episode titles are always something a person in the show says. my favorite happening to be “Whew im beat”, because Sato. You have gotta love Sato . I also love the episode im going to kill you to once again because Sato just kills it in this episode.

The voice acting: need i say more the voices are perfect like i mean it they are flawless.

lastly if you have not watched this show which is terrible because this Review has spoiler displayed in asterisks in the title.  Just go watch this show . Watch it and tell me what you think .

stay kei

The wolf



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