BatAAr will break through !!!

Im  jumping right into this one. If you dont know who BatAAr is, their most recent music video is below .Watch it first than read the rest of  this blog.



So what did you think ? isnt this perfect for a fighting game like TEKKEN ? i think the song  is  the perfect combo of catchy and  hardcore. The video is visually stunning! Endigo, Patrik,Simon,and Tobias have slayed again with another kick-ass video.

It is no wonder they were one of the only bands EVER to be featured in TEKKEN 7 the  highly anticipated Fighting  game.

BatAAr is  great band and in my opinion it is even BETTER now that Endigo has joined as the lead singer .I have been shocked by how much thought and detail they’ve put into their music .

It makes me really sad that they are so underrated they should have so much more fame in my opinion.

Which bring me to another topic, Is it okay to call a band that is not from Japan a visual kei band? I have heard a lot of different opinions on this. I believe that any band can call themselves visual kei since visual kei is a style . I believe that you should treat  all bands with respect because its hard out there, believe me.

So, yes I consider BatAAr a visual kei band because they consider themselves a visual kei  band, and the also have visual kei style.

I want you all to check out BatAAr. Give them the attention they deserve .Subscribe to their channel, like their videos, become a fan .

Stay Kei

The wolf




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