Matenrou opera -Helios !!!

Hello Again!!!! I wanted to get started as soon as possible  with a visual kei song, and that song is HELIOS by matenrou opera .

Let me just start with one thing , when I found this song months ago I saw the views and  I grew a little weary .  I thought it was going to be another one of those songs that were only popular because the guys were hot. Man was I wrong .

I actually believe now that this song is underrated , I mean even my mom was like ‘dang whos that, they sound good’  it’s not that my mom’s a grinch just that Visual Kei is not for everyone.

Things i love about Matenrou opera-Helios :

The music : when i started this song i felt my heart flutter Anzi (who recently announced his departure from the band) slayed on the guitar And ayame playing the keyboard i was attached instantly then as if they wanted to make me fangirl even harder Sono starts singing… it was all too much

The words:  The japanese lyrics in this song are beautifully written (like in most cases when it comes to visual kei) but i literally get chills when i look up the translated version i can’t take it it’s too good ,like really i’m not exaggerating. Here is just a short example of a translated part

 ‘I look up to the sky that strikes the earth, and I stretch my hand just trying to stop it
My heart wishes for the warmth’ _ translated part of Matenrou opera Helios

now just try  and tell me that isn’t beautiful i’m practically sobbing now( just joking) but really the lyric are amazing  in their authentic japanese and in the translated english


The video:




This video is so  visually satisfying their makeup is perfection the props ( sonos mask) are so detailed and it’s just spectacular altogether.

Ps: If you have not watched this video or listened to this song DO it !! It is amazing. Im sure youll be as attached as i am .


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