Our eyes love Hide Matsumoto

Hello again im back with another review of sorts this time about the Fallen and cherished Hideto Matsumoto ( know as Hide) . Everyone who is a fan of visual kei should know of  Hide’s existence ,he was a truly amazing person and will be forever missed by millions young and old.

Now on to the song review, i will be reviewing the song :Eyes love you

 as you might have guessed from the title it is my favorite song by him

I’ve know this song for a while now and I absolutely ADORE it . I can still clearly remember the first time i went on YouTube to watch the video of the live performance. I had never heard the song. I had never  heard of Hide .

The first thing i seen was bright pink hair and that was and automatic yes for me and I have loved the song ever since.

it wasn’t until months later that i found out he  had passed (dont ask how i didn’t know i practically live under a rock, and i usually dont  put too much thought into celebrities lives) To be honest i didn’t feel the full affect because i wasn’t even born when it happened.  I was sad I was touched by his music and it did hurt and i think that’s what matters. That even young new listeners morn the loss of someone so great.

Things i love about Eyes love you – Hide

The music: the song starts off so fun and lively  with a cute guitar riff and than hide heightens it with his amazing voice

The lyrics: once again both the original Japanese lyric and the translated English lyrics are perfect

“I don’t need a soul
I don’t want to feel anything with living hands My love”- Hide eyes love you translated lryics

These lyrics are just perfect and this is my favorite part of the song its just so cute i love it!!

The overall feel:when i listen to this song i feel like the cool kid in the classroom i am the cool kid in the classroom .I feel like im so free and myself when I listen to this song . It has the right amount of chill  and the perfect amount of  individuality.

PS: if you don’t know HIDE please search up all of his songs I personally  recommend “eyes love you, lemon-ed I screamed, pink spider ,and tell me .

R.I.P Hide Matsumoto may your brilliance live on forever.


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